Access Control in Denver, Aurora, CO

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Access Control is essential in today’s business. Recent technology has had an amazing impact on the choices that are currently available. At StateWide Lock & Safe, Inc we design the right system for your organization. Our professional team works closely with clients, so we may best meet their needs, from consultation, product selection, installation, management & maintenance. This allows you to manage the movement of customers, employees and even vehicles by permission level, day of the week and time of day. We offer a stand-alone single door system, (which can expand as your needs grow) to a network of multiple sites. Access control software delivers rock-solid reporting by event and offers the ability to make immediate changes to your system, saving you both time and money.

Top facilities that take advantage of access control:
Schools- Providing complete lockdowns for active situations
Banks- Allowing access by permission level, time and day restrictions providing extra security
Childcare facilities- controlling who has access and data showing when children were dropped off/ picked up.
Assisted living facilities-controlling tenant movement within hallways, on floors and exterior doorways.
Apartment entrances- To keep track of visitors & offer tenants additional security
Pools- Added security for children
Exercise/laundry- Provides tenant access only
Leasing Offices- Keep confidential documentation secure
Garage & Storage areas

At StateWide Lock & Safe, Inc we offer on site, cloud based solutions, or complete system management, giving you the ultimate in flexibility to manage your facility around the clock. When it comes to access control, the possibilities are at your fingertips, saving you valuable time and resources. Please call us today for a free consultation 303-333-0146

High Level Government Security Clearance
Access control contractor
Intertech Warnock
Hersey Certified
for onsite fire door modifications
LKM 70001 Certification
Kaba Mas X-10
AAADM installer & Inspector
IBC (international building codes)
ADA (Americans with disabilities act)
ALOA (Associated locksmiths of America)
Local fire codes

Access Control Systems
StateWide Lock & Safe, Inc now offers new levels of security, convivence and efficiency to our customers. Most buildings today are already using access control to secure exterior doors and may be able to integrate with new wireless technology. This new technology allows us to connect and control more doors and in less time, making access control more budget friendly than ever before

* These are some of the systems available to you, through StateWide Lock & Safe, Inc.
Key Fobs: Key fobs are small, plastic devices individually programed with your access privileges.

Key Cards: Key cards are just like regular credit cards that have a chip reader to give you access to buildings.

Door Alarms : Door alarms are typically a device that is attached to the door. This then notifies a person that someone is entering or leaving the establishment.

Keypads: This type of access control has a series of numbers that you manually type in, to gain access.

Smart Phones: Your daily used device can now be your key, all with new Engage

Fingerprint readers: Fingerprint readers, read your individual fingerprint and allows you access.

Access control is now easily managed, credentials can be added, withdrawn, deactivated and re-established immediately, saving valuable time and resources. Access control systems help to individualize permission levels by door, person, date and time, while recording each event. Lost Keys, Lockouts & Re-keys are now a thing of the past!