Automatic Doors in Denver, Aurora, CO

Lakewood, Thornton, Arvada, Westminster & Centennial

Automatic pedestrian doors allow for the safe and uninterrupted flow of traffic. These doors are consistently providing controlled access. State-Wide Lock & Safe Inc. features automatic swing doors, standard handicap access, hands-free, button-operated mechanisms and a wide range of automated hardware, for your new construction, existing facilities and retrofits for your current doors. Our professional team works closely with clients, so we may best meet their needs, from consultation, product selection, installation & maintenance. We make sure your entryways and facilities are operating safely & are in full compliance. We understand the IBC, ADA, local fire codes and required safety standards, which allows us to ensure compliance. Statewide-Wide Lock & Safe Inc. has over 35 years of expertise in providing businesses, such as, banks, public schools, universities, government buildings, churches and all retail facilities with automatic door systems. If you are looking for consultation, product selection, installation, maintenance and annual inspections, give State-Wide Lock & Safe Inc a call today. 303-333-0146

AAADM installer & Inspector
(American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers)
IBC (international building codes)
ADA (Americans with disabilities act)
ALOA (Associated locksmiths of America)
Local fire codes

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Why Choose Automatic Doors?

By Design, automatic doors provide easier more convenient access than manual doors, allowing access to the worlds airports, University's, government buildings, Banks, retailers and restaurants. Automatic doors are now public preference, research shows that 98.9% of consumers prefer them. Properly functioning automatic doors are safe, secure and produce significant energy savings over their lifespan.

Safety, Security And Maintenance

Statewide-Lock & Safe Inc is a certified AAADM (American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers) installer and inspector. Along with new and retrofit automatic door installations, we offer annual inspections, preventative maintenance plans (PM), servicing, repairs, and replacement of worn or outdated components. Recurring maintenance and annual inspections should be completed for safety and liability reasons and help keep doors operating efficiently. Once the doors are serviced, repaired & inspected, we provide proper door labeling for standard compliance. We offer preventative maintenance contracts (PM) for your convenience, along with staff training, regarding the daily opening and closing inspection processes. To schedule your AAADM certified inspections which are recommended annually, call State-Wide Lock & Safe Inc. today 303-333-0146