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What can I do if I’ve lost my car keys?

Lost, stolen or broken car key replacement varies based on the year, make and model of your car. If you have an older vehicle with a basic key, the cost will be less than a newer vehicle with more sophisticated technology. The cost of the car key replacement depends on the type of key required.

Problems with buying an online key?

*Does not come cut or pre-programmed.
*Tends to not have the right software for your car.
*Problems with programming keys.
*Sellers send wrong keys, we will not know until after the key has been cut.
*After cutting a non-programable key it is now non-returnable.
*With online purchases you have a 50/50 chance of the key, actually working.
Keep it simple, call State-Wide Lock & Safe Inc. today, we have competitive rates and offer a 5-star service. 303-333-0146.

Description and images of new technology keys

Remote keys- the remote, is the key head
Remote Keys
Remote only- Stand-alone remote
Remote Keys
Proximity key- you just must have the remote on you & push the cars start button.
Remote Keys
Fobik- insert keyless remote to start your car
Remote Keys
Remote with Switch blade key
Remote Keys
Laser key
Remote Keys
Standard cuts
Remote Keys
Dimple key
Remote Keys

Q & A

My standalone remote is broken, how much will a new one cost?

Prices vary depending on year, make & model. Call us today for your specific car.

Why do I need to bring my car in to get a new key?

Many keys need to be programmed into your cars onboard computer so that it will accept your new key. Also, we like to verify that the key works properly so that we can avoid a return trip.

My remote just stopped working, is this something you can fix?

We stock remote batteries which will most likely fix your problem.

Can you make my car key & remote?

We let people know that we can cut and program many keys, with new cars and technology we try to make things convenient. Save some time, bring in your current keys and we will see if duplication is possible. We stock many common keys and order the rest. Next day shipping is available for a small fee.

Why does a key cutting service need my license and registration before cutting new keys?

Your license and registration are used to verify you as the owner of the vehicle for your protection.

Fun Facts

Did you know that Henry Ford used to chain his car to a lamppost every time he parked it and would secure it with a padlock! It’s true, back then cars didn’t have keys. The 1929 Cadillac gave us one of the greatest pieces of metal in the world. The car-key!

The future of car keys? Smart phone apps, maybe. Tesla, BMW, GMC as well as many others are not the only ones who are adapting this feature. Start your car, unlock it, turn on your heater and even perform diagnostic testing. Maybe the final evolution of the car key is eliminating it entirely…