Fabrication & Custom Design in Denver, Aurora, CO

Lakewood, Thornton, Arvada, Westminster & Centennial

StateWide Lock & Safe, Inc offers custom designs and repairs that can be a budget friendly option for your facility.

From concept to completion, here are some examples of what we can do for you:
Obsolete Parts

Fabricating obsolete or worn out parts

Electrifying Doorways

Electrifying doorways

Roof Hatch Welding

Roof hatch welding

Replacement of Damaged Stainless-Steel Vault Panels

Replacing damaged stainless-steel vault panels

Gate Fabrication Repairs

Gate fabrication repairs

Safe Repair

Repairing damaged or burglarized safes

Our passion for efficiently engineered solutions, has partnered our team with various businesses to develop complex solutions.

State-Wide Lock & Safe, Inc’s facility is at the leading edge of combining the best modern machinery with a dedicated team of master craftsmen. Extensive experience allows us to efficiently manage large projects and tight schedules. Our professional team works closely with clients, so we may best meet their needs, from consultation, product selection, installation, management & maintenance. We are well versed in testing for both functionality and standard code compliance.

State-Wide Lock & Safe, Inc. offers solutions to your unique facility, with an expansive warehouse and shop, in which we fabricate special items that are in addendum to your lock, door hardware, safes and vaults. Whether welding, cutting, drilling, grinding or lathing, our manufacturing equipment and experience allows us to meet your specific and unusual needs in a timely fashion. Please call now for a free consultation 303-333-0146.

More Info

StateWide Lock & Safe Inc. Takes pride in creative budget friendly solutions. Fabrication can be an easier and more affordable option than a replacement. Below are the different types of fabrication that we offer, please call us today with any questions or for a free consultation 303-333-0146.


Burglarized safes unfortunately happen, we can fix the damage (locks, dials, plate steel, texture and paint) bringing your safe to a near new condition. We fabricate worn out hinges, replacement handles and make a variety of different shelves, for your current safe. We also fabricate safe stands allowing easier access.


Retro fitting outdated vault doors with new locks and hardware is our specialty. We stock a large variety of obsolete vault door parts, such as locks, timers, linkage, hinges & more. We fabricate unavailable parts and polish, repair or replace corroded and dented stainless-steel panels, allowing continued use of your current vault. For your convenience we also stock a large variety of current and obsolete safe deposit locks and vault door stops.

Roof Hatches

Hinge damage and broken welds occur due to continued use. Damaged and broken roof hatches are dangerous and common in commercial buildings and replacement is expensive. StateWide Lock & Safe Inc. is certified to repair and provide recurring maintenance to make sure that your roof hatch is safe and secure.


StateWide Lock & Safe Inc. offers various types of welding & fabrication to repair or replace your damaged gates. This includes work on striking plates, hinges, re-enforcing and adding height to your current gate. You also have the option of installing a lock or upgrading to access control.

Repairs & Maintenance

Can’t find old and obsolete parts? Fabrication allows us to repair, replace or add to your specific projects. Do you have a project, see if our knowledgeable staff can help.

Creative Solutions

This is a budget friendly way to overcome, installation challenges in your facility or specific situation. Let our experienced technicians find the right solution to resolve your needs. Give StateWide Lock & Safe Inc. a call today at 303-333-0146.